Furnishing Cart is an online marketplace for designer high end articles in semi precious gemstones and natural stones. All manufacturing and designs are in collaboration with Parash Stones, Parash Stones Luxury, Mira Art Of Gem, Slab Sale and many other interior design and architect companies worldwide. We always focus on premium high end quality fabrication in these healing gemstones.



We source premium quality stones from all around the world to ensure fabrication of high end products. With a team of 12 quality assurance officers all our products inspected for unmatched quality.

All semi precious gemstones carry metaphysical healing properties, to ensure best energy delivery stones must be obtained in ethical way. We always source our material ethically by following all standards.

We constantly working with various shipping companies to provide on door delivery of our products to every corner around the globe, ensuring fast and sure delivery to every customer irrespective of their delivery location.

All our payment processing organisations are best in class in terms of security. We accept payments through Credit Cards, Paypal, Wire Transfer and Cash Payments to our Agents.

There are also several options available for making payments in parts, contact our sales agent for more details.

We provide life time warranty for all our semi precious gemstones and stones products, as all our material is natural so it will not fade out with time.


Parash Stones serving global customers, architects, building merchants and interior designer from 15+ years. Our inhouse production units consist of 7 factories spread across India and Turkey. We source grade A premium quality of rough material for fabrication from all around the world. We are working with express on door delivery companies like FeDex, DHL, TNT, UPS , Private cargo airlines and various by SEA freight forwarding companies. Ensuring on time delivery of material at customers doorstep.

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