Luxury bath accessories in gemstone and precious stones. Elegant collection of high end bathroom items and accessories in agate, quartz, minerals, labradorite, amethyst, petrified wood. bathroom containers, tissue box, canister, soap dispenser, brush holder, soap dish and vanity tray. Buy online at best factory price.

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Amethyst Bath Accessories Set


Amethyst Gemstone Box With Lid


Amethyst Gemstone Brush Holder


Amethyst Gemstone Canister


Amethyst Gemstone Soap Dish Case


Amethyst Gemstone Soap Dispenser


Amethyst Gemstone Tissue Box


Amethyst Gemstone Vanity Tray


Black Agate Bath Accessories Set


Black Agate Box With Lid


Black Agate Brush Holder


Black Agate Canister


Black Agate Soap Dish Case


Black Agate Soap Dispenser


Black Agate Tissue Box


Black Agate Vanity Tray


Blue Agate Bath Accessories Set


Blue Agate Box with Lid


Blue Agate Brush Holder


Blue Agate Canister


Blue Agate Soap Dish Case


Blue Agate Soap Dispenser


Blue Agate Tissue Box


Blue Agate Vanity Tray


Brown Agate Bath Accessories Set


Brown Agate Box With Lid


Brown Agate Brush Holder


Brown Agate Canister


Brown Agate Soap Dish Case


Brown Agate Soap Dispenser


Brown Agate Tissue Box


Brown Agate Vanity Tray


Golden Agate Bath Accessories Set


Golden Agate Box With Lid


Golden Agate Brush Holder


Golden Agate Canister


Golden Agate Soap Dish Case


Golden Agate Soap Dispenser


Golden Agate Tissue Box


Golden Agate Vanity Tray


Green Aventurine Bath Accessories Set


Grey Agate Bath Accessories Set


Grey Agate Box With Lid


Grey Agate Brush Holder


Grey Agate Canister


Grey Agate Soap Dish Case


Grey Agate Soap Dispenser


Grey Agate Tissue Box


Grey Agate Vanity Tray


Labradorite Bath Accessories Set

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