Luxury collection of agate table lamp, antique lamp, decorative lamp, lamp shade, beads lamp, onyx lamp, chalcedony lamp, carnelian agate lamp, semi precious stone lamp. Available at best factory price sale, worldwide on door delivery.

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Black Agate Chalcedony Lamp TL-104


Black Agate Geode Crystal Lamp TL-102


Black Agate Geode Slice 3 Tier Lamp Shade TL-107


Black Carnelian Agate Precious Stone Table Lamp Shade TL-110


Blue Agate Geode Big Slice Lamp Shade With Golden Rim TL-111


Blue Lace Agate Geode Lamp TL-103


Botswana Grey Agate Natural Crystal Lamp Shade TL-105


Brazilian Blue Onyx Agate Lamp Shade TL-106


Grey Agate Table Lamp Shade TL-101


Pink Agate Geode Slice Lamp Shade With Golden Rim TL-108


White Brown Agate Slice Lamp Shade With Golden Rim TL-109

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