Canister collection in semi precious gemstones. Multi purpose high end canisters.

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Amethyst Gemstone Canister


Black Agate Canister


Blue Agate Canister


Brown Agate Canister


Golden Agate Canister


Grey Agate Canister


Labradorite Canister


Lapis Lazuli Canister


Malachite Gemstone Canister


Mother Of Pearl Black Canister


Mother Of Pearl White Canister


Petrified Wood Stone Canister


Pink Agate Canister


Red Onyx Agate Canister


Smoky Quartz Dark Canister


Sodalite Canister


Tiger Eye Blue Canister


Tiger Eye Golden Canister


White Agate Canister


White Quartz With Golden Sparkle Canister

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