lamp shade made by semi precious gemstones

Exclusive designer lamp shade in semi precious gemstones. Beautiful collection of high end table lamp for luxury interior renovation. Give your interior a healing touch.

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Amethyst Lamp Shade TL-118

$612.00 $460.00

Black Agate Lamp Shade TL-112

$512.00 $486.00

Blue Agate Lamp Shade TL-113

$575.00 $442.00

Golden Agate Lamp Shade TL-114

$516.00 $423.00

Grey Agate Lamp Shade TL-115

$523.00 $423.00

Labradorite Lamp Shade TL-119

$583.00 $460.00

Lapis Lazuli Lamp Shade TL-120

$721.00 $618.00

Malachite Lamp Shade TL-121

$886.00 $700.00

Mother Of Pearl Black Lamp Shade TL-122

$580.00 $460.00

Mother Of Pearl White Lamp Shade TL-123

$587.00 $498.00

Petrified Wood Lamp Shade TL-124

$612.00 $448.00

Pink Agate Lamp Shade TL-116

$556.00 $498.00

Pink Quartz Lamp Shade TL-127

$560.00 $435.00

Tiger Eye Blue Lamp Shade TL-125

$676.00 $486.00

Tiger Eye Golden Lamp Shade TL-126

$681.00 $473.00

TL-128 Smoky Quartz Lamp Shade

$487.00 $423.00

White Agate Lamp Shade TL-117

$497.00 $435.00

White Quartz Lamp Shade TL-129

$492.00 $423.00

White Quartz With Golden Sparkle Lamp Shade TL-130

$506.00 $429.00
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