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Welcome to the hub of gemstone knobs, buy beautiful and unique cabinet hardware and drawer puller precious stone knobs at best factory price. Wide variety of stone cabinet knobs, geode knobs, quartz knobs, chalcedony knobs, agate knobs, agate drawer puller, agate cabinet knobs, agate slice knobs, crystal knobs and many other. Vintage quartz, agate and gemstone knobs wholesale factory price sale.

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Agate Knobs Golden Rim KB-110- Set of 4


Amazonite Knobs KB101 – Set of 4


Amethyst Crystal Geode Knobs With Golden Base KB-112 – Set of 4


Amethyst Diamond Cut Knobs KB-103 – Set of 4


Amethyst Round Knobs KB-102 – Set of 4


Amethyst Stone Tumbled Knobs KB-111 – Set of 4

$72.35 $32.25

Black Agate Knobs With Golden Rim KB-113 – Set of 4


Black Obsidian Diamond Cut Knobs KB-103 – Set of 4


Blue Agate Golden Rim Knobs KB-114 – Set of 4


Crystal Quartz Round Knobs KB-105 – Set of 4


Green Agate Knobs With Golden Rim KB-115 – Set of 4


Grey Agate Knobs With Golden Rim KB-116 – Set of 4


Labradorite Diamond Cut Knobs KB-106 – Set of 4


Natural Yellow Agate Knobs KB-121 – Set of 4


Pink Agate Golden Rim Knobs KB-117 – Set of 4


Pink Quartz Flower Design Knobs KB-107 – Set of 4


Pink Quartz Slice Knobs With Golden Rim KB-118 – Set of 4


Pink Quartz Stone Tumbled Knobs KB-119 – Set of 4


Rose Quartz Round Knobs KB-108 – Set of 4


Tiger Eye Golden Diamond Cut Knobs KB-109 – Set of 4


White Quartz Stone Tumbled Knobs KB-120 – Set of 4

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